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Sin entered the world through Eve's WRONG food choice and Satan has been perverting the food supply ever since making us addicted to junk food, caffeine, sugar...  The Government allows farmers to pump antibiotics and growth hormones into our meat, spray our produce with pesticides and genetically modify seeds such as soy, corn, wheat which is causing all kinds of inflammatory diseases and increasing the risk of cancer. 

Did you know that  over 2.8 million adults die every year from being overweight?

Did you know that soda is the only food that can be directly linked to obesity?

Did you know that Fast Food is the leading cause of Type II diabetes, obesity and tooth decay?

Did you know that most vitamins do not work?

Did you know that Soy and Whey Protein increase the risk of lung, colon, prostate, breast cancer, thyroid abnormalities, Alzheimers and sexual dysfunction?

Did you know that death and disease begin in the colon and most health problems are linked to a toxic colon?
NOW is the time to FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH.

 We cannot disregard God's laws about eating and drinking and expect to live in divine health.  God does His part and we have our part to do, like making healthier food choices.  Diabetes and Colon Cancer are far too prevalent in the minority community.  And, it is NOT related to genetics, but because of poor food choices.  Yes, genetics can load the gun, but what you put into your mouth pulls the trigger.  Put down the fork, eat smaller portions and stop the supersizing, eliminate fried foods and cut back on the amount of sugar intake.  To assist you in your journey for improved health,  click on the links and images below.  Let' take better care of our bodies.

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Boost Your Immune System & Improve Your Health

Worldwide threats are increasing daily and it is important that we focus on our health because access to medications, hospitals, First Respondors may be limited if at all.   Our health depends on the choices we make today!

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."  3John 2

Education NOT Medication

Emergency Preparedness Made Easy • Survival Food• Personal Protection

The "Old Man"

The "New Man"

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   When Health Insurance Companies compete, YOU WIN!

 If you are like many people, you may  have questions about what the new Healthcare Reform Law  (ObamaCare) means  for you.  By, learning the benefits and protections within the law, you can find your way, get the facts and make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Health and Wealth Education Services offers FREE Enrollment Assistance into the Health Insurance Marketplace (ObamaCare), and OFF the Marketplace directly to Health  Insurance Providers, Healthcare Sharing Ministries & more for individuals and families. 

We also have financial protection protects, i.e. life, disability, critical illness (cancer, heart attack & stroke), accidental, vision and dental plans, mortgage and  income protection  offered by various providers who have been serving the needs of individuals and families for decades.   Our goal is to protect you and your family through life's unpredictable changes. 

            Are you prepared for what life can throw you?

If you reside in the State of Arizona, we can help. 

Don't Be A Victim, Be PREPARED


Are you prepared for the inevitable?

Emergency Preparedness Made Easy • Survival Food• Personal Protection